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 Character Claims

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PostSubject: Character Claims   Mon Jun 20, 2011 2:20 pm

Character Claims!! You can Pick ten of these that doesn't have a # beside the name. (# means taken)


#Orkael female Test Labs 1
#Stelee male Hidden Labs
Colmno male Test Labs 1
Larmncolp male Test Labs 3
Pmnsol female Test Labs 2
Lealenya female Test Labs 3
Attilia female Hidden Labs
Thienete male Test Labs 1
Theotiste female Test Labs 5
Etienette female Test Labs 5
Coroud male Test Labs 1
Pnqueque male Hidden Labs
Lleaw male Test Labs 1
Smidra female Test Labs 6
Belxas male Test Labs 1
Ardan female Police
Eldant male Hidden Labs
Nuskel female Police
Aughddyn female Test Labs 3
Tiayll female Test Labs 3
#Tainler male Test Labs 5
Rayost male Test Labs 2
Ceriti female Police
Rancha female Test Labs 2
Omis male Test Labs 2
#Dynnit male Test Labs 2
Sereri female Medicine Animal
Yercha female Police
Buryelm male Test Labs 2
Ranend male Fire Animal
Ustal male Fire Animal
Polerd female Test Labs 4
Enir female Test Labs 1
Ranosu male Fire Animal
Enick male Fire Animal
Muqua female Hidden Labs

Tiayd female Medicine Animal
Roiofafor male Police
#Colmnjunel male Test Labs 2
Faonafa female Medicine Animal
Piorfafor male Test Labs 3
Aughangu male Medicine Animal
Taib female Test Labs 3
Skelsim male Medicine Animal
Tinir female Test Labs 6
Artor male Test Labs 6
Vesrgar male Test Labs 6
Eneph female Test Labs 2
Rakbser female Fire Animal
Udelifafor female Medicine Animal
Colorpel male Medicine Animal
Roorpfa male Test Labs 2
Colnafa female Test Labs 6
Rooelelud male Test Labs 2
Roelmn male Test Labs 1
Colorstunorud female Police
Famnouiudmn female Police
Larifaelo male Test Labs 5
Proel male Test Labs 3
Larip male Test Labs 4
#Foriocolmnlar male Test Labs 3


#Rocol male Test Labs 4
Rocolnfafamnue female Police
Coniconconmnu male Test Labs 3
Ikaelud male Test Labs 1
Faioude male Test Labs 3
#Faiofa female Test Labs 5
Faioroelfa female Test Labs 2
Amncolkana male Test Labs 5
Elcolelconelufa female Test Labs 2
Conelfaicol male Medicine Animal
Colorroforfauoruro male Test Labs 1
Relqueelcelcol male Fire Animal
Ikaikaori female Medicine Animal
Iudmncolp male Test Labs 1
Preikast male Fire Animal
Umnjuni male Hidden Labs
Kaforeleeluuel female Fire Animal
Storoi female Test Labs 4
Udeljunmno female Fire Animal
#Akaio female Test Labs 6
Udiafori female Fire Animal
Picolcolmnu male Fire Animal
Stforique female Hidden Labs
Aelfamnu male Police
Udiofafor male Hidden Labs
Ansgar male Police
Estglye female Test Labs 1
Irbano male Police
Echoth male Police
Rothos male Police
Mosquey female Test Labs 2
Ightnhon male Test Labs 2
Hinpol male Medicine Animal
Angnaugh male Test Labs 4
#Vorel male Police
Riswor male Test Labs 1
Anym female Police
Quagha female Test Labs 3
Honkin male Police
Kiem female Police
Vuden male Test Labs 1
Urnok male Police
Turaw male Test Labs 6
Oscton male Test Labs 1
Denzia female Police
Ackdkim male Test Labs 6
Tonust male Hidden Labs
#Lyeon male Test Labs 3
Whedar male Hidden Labs
Burtsay female Hidden Labs
Tiasina female Police
Awdver male Test Labs 4
#Dynighta female Test Labs 1
Elmach female Police
Alebur male Police
Osath male Test Labs 6
Shydari male Test Labs 2
Fornromn female Test Labs 6
Fafafafor female Test Labs 2
Queelstel female Test Labs 2
Oincol male Test Labs 6
Aelconoroi female Test Labs 2
Udoistel male Hidden Labs
Uifaia female Test Labs 2
Aifaiu female Test Labs 1
Forelkaifael fe male Test Labs 2
Preiuudmnoi male Test Labs 1


Rilustu male Test Labs 4
Kinpol male Test Labs 6
Colnpreel female Test Labs 4
Stunelue male Test Labs 1
Rynfdan male Test Labs 3
Lorcrak male Hidden Labs
Elaaie female Police
Karay male Medicine Animal
Zander male Police
Astrid male Test Labs 3
Harlin male Test Labs 1
Tinka male Police
Reese female Fire Animal
Frezna female Medicine Animal
Stasha male Test Labs 1
Arlis male Test Labs 6
Rodilde male Police
Worlest male Test Labs 3
Roroth female Hidden Labs
Lerkimo male Test Labs 5
Kelick male Test Labs 5
Awis male Hidden Labs
Buret male Test Labs 2
Oughash male Test Labs 2
Delvor female Test Labs 2
Nyfough female Fire Animal
Garrir male Test Labs 2
Inaeph female Test Labs 4
Ightraki male Fire Animal
Dynangi male Test Labs 1
Athshyi male Test Labs 6
Cykalash male Fire Animal
Jyshiss male Test Labs 1
Swoaughina female Police
Lifang female Test Labs 3
Warmoright female Test Labs 3


Bikinir female Medicine Animal
Lorkalroth female Police
Llethmor male Test Labs 4
Treline male Test Labs 1
Toninach male Test Labs 5
Nahonryn female Police
Leithsul male Hidden Labs
Chreusbur female Test Labs 3
Niqualor male Test Labs 5
Cukalper male Test Labs 1
Kalathkel female Police
Whauqorm male Test Labs 3
Rhytherque male Test Labs 6
Nysanwar female Test Labs 1
#Nondeld male Test Labs 6
Chryoughight female Test Labs 6
Coquanys male Test Labs 6
Joormhon female Test Labs 1
Railddan male Test Labs 3
Tiemaw female Test Labs 2
#Dodenath male Hidden Labs
Imortan female Test Labs 1
Delemen female Test Labs 4


Nieyvor female Horse Test Labs 1
Intarpo male Horse Test Labs 3
Rewnhud female Horse Test Labs 4
Reportail female Horse Test Labs 5
Foriojun male Horse Test Labs 2
#Deboo male Snow Leopard Test Labs 1
Slunjuncolmo male Snow Leopard Test Labs 5
Frugter male jackal Test Labs 1
Denjunbeer male jackal Test Labs 4
Sluashther female jackal Hidden Labs
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Character Claims
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